How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther
January 7, 2018

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The subject of golf tends to excite those who play the sport. It is more than a simple sport for those individuals, it is something that they can improve on and hone throughout their lives. In fact, it doesn’t really matter how often you golf or how long you have been golfing, improving your skill is something that is likely on your mind.

One of the top ways to improve your game is to improve your long game. If you are ready to do so, then put these tips on how to hit a golf ball farther into practice.

  • Pay Attention to your Grip – One of the most important considerations for improving your golf swing and hitting the ball farther is your grip. When you make the proper adjustments, it will help you to swing through the ball and get some serious distance. First of all, if you are right-handed, move your left hand inward slightly so the knuckles are facing the target area. In addition, you should avoid gripping the club too tightly. A gentle squeeze is all that is needed.
  • Move the Hips – Do you remember Happy Gilmore and the advice that it was “all in the hips?” This advice is more accurate than most people realize. Amateur golfers tend to stand in a fixed position, using their upper body for power. If you swing through, twist and use your hips, however, you will have a lot more power when the club impacts the ball.
  • Straight Arm – This is a tip that can really make a difference in how far your ball will travel but it is difficult to put into practice. Your lead arm when taking a swing should be straight when you are swinging. Most people have a tendency to bend the arm as they are swinging but a straight arm will keep the club face square and the impact will be significantly better.
  • Weight Shift – The transfer of body weight during the swing is an important part of the long ball. When your swing is at the peak, about 60% of the weight should be on the back leg. As you move through the ball, up to 90% of your weight should shift through to the front leg.

These are some basic tips that you should keep in mind when trying to add distance to your shots.  Using a GPS golf watch or other distance measuring gadget to track shot distance is a good idea so you can get instant feedback in regards to shot distance.

When you are able to hit the ball farther, you can shave some points off of your game. It’s an important skill to master.  We leave you with a short video tip that can help you add some distance to your game, enjoy!

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